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026 – Lone Star

Dusty boots and bolero ties
Howdy Ma’ms
And smiling goodbyes

Starry nights
And church pews
Short skirt dancing
To cowboy blues

We are sometimes a little cliché
But the majority of its real
Except for the part
About steak for every meal

Deep in the heart
And across the countryside
There is no mistaking
Our Texas Pride

Perfect windmill golden sunsets
Alamo come and take its
And Spanish bayonets

Those who call this southern land home
Where the coyotes howl
And the Long Horn roam
They are indeed a special kind
Full of red dirt heart
And Lone star state of mind

Robert Lloyd
7 September 2017

014 – Worn

This lonely walk
On this worn path
It has become customary

I have grown weary
As the fields of love lay barren

Maybe my best companions are my ghosts
The ones that vanish
When I am teased by beauty

Taunted by their smile and whispers of hope
They are like a flash of sun
Prior to the day’s storms settling in
And then with a crack of thunder
It is yet another grey gloomy morning

My heart is an empty place
And I can only laugh at yesterday
It strikes me funny how quantity
Really does
Make life better

We can claim false victories in our solitude
But in the end
If there is no one to share the victory with
Did you really win

This lonely walk
On this worn path
It has become customary

And so I step
And step again

Robert Lloyd
27 August 2017