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007 – Burlesque

Sweet Lilac perfume peppered the air
And the smoke parted
Like a soft billowed curtain
As she swayed back and forth
Taunting our eyes

She bit her lip and laughed
Knowing she was seductive
Knowing we emptied our pockets
Just to see her in her barley there threads

She was a 1920’s mimic of flapper fantasies
With loose ideals
And unlike the ones who took it all off
Her desires were founded in class and art
Not the I need the money
To go to college sob stories

She loved what she did
And so did we
The whispers made her smile
The dark hungry I want you stares
Made her heart race
She was at her best
When she knew we all wanted her

Man or woman
She owned us all
Between sips of Malbec
Or more sugar than rye cocktails
It was her we came for
And it was her we would all dream about
Once the light dimmed and she was no longer there

Robert Lloyd
19 August 2017