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Kinetic hazel eyes capture me with a stare
Reeling me
In and
Stealing my breath
Tantalizing my every thought
Even when I look away
Nothing erases her beauty from my mind

Maybe she knows her power
Inviting and intoxicating
Can she be real? or
Have I just stumbled upon Delilah
Everything a man
Longs for
Exists as a possibility now, because of her

Robert Lloyd
27 September 2017

033 – Read to Me

My eyes burn
From the hours we wasted together

My body aches
From your constant touch and press

My mind wonders
Because you make me lose focus on everything

My breath catches
Because I keep seeing you when I close my eyes

You are the sweet torture they write fairy tales about
The book I cannot put down
I hungrily reach for the next page
Dog earing the last one to visit later

Robert Lloyd
14 September 2017

031 – Electric

She left me breathless
Having ignited my skin
With her soft touch

It wasn’t intentional
But want like that
Never is

For a moment I was drowning
In her words
In her smile
In her eyes

I can see the addiction
And I have only had a small taste
I can see her power
And me eventually begging for more

I should turn and run now
I thought to myself
Before this beautiful creature
Ensnares my will

And then
Her hand was on my arm
once again
Electricity spun through my body
Like a sparkler at the toll of new years
And I was forever lost

Robert Lloyd
12 September 2017

028 – Borrowed Sunsets

The remaining topaz day
Was chased off by the coming night
Sheets of grey blue were pulling at the dark corners of the sky
As we walked along the waters edge
Hand in hand
Swallowing the salty air
Enjoying the tug of wet sand against our bare toes

It was as if we were the only two people left in this world
We had escaped our troubled lives
Through the watercolor painted sunset before us
At least For a short while

We wanted for the sky to stop right where it was
As if we were Thomas Moran painting
But someone had other plans
And so
Before we parted ways
Returning to our obligated paths
We held on to one another and kissed once more
As stars began appearing
And blinking their applause

Robert Lloyd
9 September 2017

023 – Elevator Eyes

She is like clockwork everyday
With those perfect baby blue elevator eyes
I guess that means
So am I

Her pencil skirts
Soft flowered perfume
And hello smiles
Are the only reason I even enjoy work

She exits on the sixth
Always staring back at me
I swear there is hunger behind that look

Then when the 7th dings me back to reality
I take the stairs back to where I belong

Four flights is not that bad of a downward climb
It’s good for my heart
And she is worth it

I don’t mind my guilty secret one bit
Until today
When I passed her in the stairwell
As she was walking up

Robert Lloyd
4 September 2017

008 – Blue

The world has gone quiet
And somehow
I can still hear the footfall of her heels
As she walked away
Leaving me hungry

I can taste her on my lips
Five minutes after she has said goodbye
With a light kiss
And taunting smile
She made sure to wear my favorite minted shade

Hours have bled into one another
And I still see her in that dress
Thin and blue
Clinging to her curves in just the right way

She is my day dream and reality
Tickling the back of mind
When she is not there
Stealing my breath away
When she is right in front of me

She is my sophisticated weakness
And I think she knows it
A throwback silver screen vixen
With the perfect come take me smile

They say blue is sad color
But whoever they are
They have never seen her
In that dress

Robert Lloyd
21 August 2017

001 – Shattered Skies

My foggy eyes adjust
As the yellow of a new day
Shatters the blue sky
And the first thought
That crosses my mind
Is her

I am in a refuse to get up moment
Surrounded by cotton white
And quicksand blankets
Wishing her warmth
Were here
Pressed against me

I crave that sapphire stare
Piercing me
At the start of my Sunday
Rather than the click of toe nails
From the animals
Who seek my attention
Wanting to drag me from my
Bundled cloth haven

I feel silly
But not guilty
For the quick addiction
She has given me
Not too many breaths
Pass my lips before my mind
Turns to her
If she feels the same

If she opens her eyes
As the yellow of the new day
Shatters the blue sky
And the first thought
That crosses her mind
Is me

Robert Lloyd
August 13, 2017