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021 – The Morning After Looking Glass

Eyes Red
So bright on white
And we talk
You and I

I am never doing that again
Mutters from my lips as I run my hand over my head
And you stare back at me not saying anything
Knowing better
You were always the wiser one

I am left the burden of convincing you
No really I swear
I’m done
I whisper
Nothing good ever comes from bourbon

We stare again one another in silence
Eventually smiling
and then at the same instant we laugh out loud
A laughter that is cut off by a knock

Are you ok in there
Comes a soft concerned voice
Neither of us know her name
And we look at each other guiltily

Before I turn off the light
I mumble again
One last time
I will see you later
I say as I exit the bathroom

Now assuming the role of a gentleman
Even though it is the morning after
I greet her with a smile
And chuckle just a bit
When she asked who I was talking to

Robert Lloyd
2 September 2017

020 – Lonely Lightening Welk

Through the childhood fog of time
I can see the beaches
Littered with best natural mobile homes
Shells of all shapes and sizes
Were snatched from the white sands
And deposited into overflowing yellow pales
While shrieks of glee pierced the air
Barefoot and aged
I am lucky if I find one in tact
And those children’s yells
Near me at the beach
They no longer sound like harps and angels
Did I get old and the world change
Did we take too many when we were young
Or was my imagination just fresh and untarnished

Robert Lloyd
1 September 2017

011 – Rearview Mirror

She is the whisper
Of the fading sunset
That finds me
When I least expect it

When silence is audible
And my mind is wondering aimlessly

He is the ghost
That haunts me at the midnight hour
When I have outlasted everyone
Having had one swallow too much

When the darkness
is broken
By soft light and sad music

We pick up regrets
Like found tarnished red pennies
And save them in a recycled jar
Letting them gather over time
So that when we have enough
We can do something with them

The wealth of memories
Even the hard ones
Must be spent eventually
The question begs
How we choose to do so

This is when you learn
Is it truly regret
Do you buy a cheap rope
To hang yourself yet again
Or is it a lesson
And you pay for a ticket to somewhere
A place that brings the next great adventure
And wonderful misstep

Robert Rivera
23 August 2017