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025 – Tumultuous

Crippling moments
The mind
When we attempt to pick invisible flowers
From the concrete

We continue ignoring the fact
No water
Caused growth
It was just natural
Not 23 chromosome made

Foolish are those
Who think they rule this world
And the nature of mother

Chaos reins
Like graffiti
Appearing in the middle of the night
But who cares
We are hungry
So let’s eat

Robert Lloyd
6 September 2017

009 – Indivisible

Is the not the freedom we need
Each day our tolerance grows weaker
With our personal don’t tread on me cries

I want to be barefoot
So don’t step on my toes
But you cannot wear that shade of red
Because it offends me

We have become
Self-serving pc hypocrites
Isolating our fears
And feeding them to the masses
Who spoon down only what they wish to hear

The social media click bait maestros
Do not help either
They need ratings and commercial dollars
So why worry with the truth
When a twisted version of hate
Or outrage
Makes for a better golden parachute

It is a sad thought
But my white out mentality is on the rise
Others just like me
Are turning off the TVs
And tuning out those we no longer understand
Maybe it is our own version of this modern-day hypocrisy

My freedom
Has become a silent
Keep my opinion to myself
So I don’t have to deal with a perceived growing social idiocy

The sad truth of today is
While many live shackled lives
Craving even a hundredth of what lady liberty has given us
We are the spoiled toddlers
Of a young nation
Who do not know any better

Robert Lloyd
21 August 2017