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035 – Ykubare Girl

Her brown hair
Rest in my hand
The perfect Bridle
For my control
Of the moment

Her doe eyes
And chocolate
With gold flecks of lust
Stared back me
Daring me
To pull harder

And so I did
Not knowing how
Much I really loved
Her squeals of delight
Till just that very moment

Robert Lloyd
16 September 2017

033 – Read to Me

My eyes burn
From the hours we wasted together

My body aches
From your constant touch and press

My mind wonders
Because you make me lose focus on everything

My breath catches
Because I keep seeing you when I close my eyes

You are the sweet torture they write fairy tales about
The book I cannot put down
I hungrily reach for the next page
Dog earing the last one to visit later

Robert Lloyd
14 September 2017

032 – Instilled

I once was a bird
Bathed in a blue sky
Kissed by the shimmering sun

There I was
With outstretched arms
And my invisible wings
Floating on the wind
Touching the heavens

It was she
Who set me adrift
Telling me I can do anything

It was she
Who set fire to my imagination
Igniting my passion to try

I am still that bird
Bathed in a blue sky
Kissed by the shimmering sun

Here I am
Flying closer to the ground
My wings heavier
With the burdens of life

It is she
Who tells me
Don’t touch the dirt

It is she
Who whispers
Never stop trying to reach the stars

Her echoes
Will forever find a breeze
On which I can soar

Robert Lloyd
13 September 2017

028 – Borrowed Sunsets

The remaining topaz day
Was chased off by the coming night
Sheets of grey blue were pulling at the dark corners of the sky
As we walked along the waters edge
Hand in hand
Swallowing the salty air
Enjoying the tug of wet sand against our bare toes

It was as if we were the only two people left in this world
We had escaped our troubled lives
Through the watercolor painted sunset before us
At least For a short while

We wanted for the sky to stop right where it was
As if we were Thomas Moran painting
But someone had other plans
And so
Before we parted ways
Returning to our obligated paths
We held on to one another and kissed once more
As stars began appearing
And blinking their applause

Robert Lloyd
9 September 2017

025 – Tumultuous

Crippling moments
The mind
When we attempt to pick invisible flowers
From the concrete

We continue ignoring the fact
No water
Caused growth
It was just natural
Not 23 chromosome made

Foolish are those
Who think they rule this world
And the nature of mother

Chaos reins
Like graffiti
Appearing in the middle of the night
But who cares
We are hungry
So let’s eat

Robert Lloyd
6 September 2017

022 – Frostbite Daydreams

Winter’s kiss stretches as far as the eye can see
As the morning sun slowly creeps along the sugar white snow

I stand with the warm heat of the furnace at my back
Daring myself to layer in deep thread and adventure out

The world is quiet
Mine for the taking
I can already hear the crunch of untouched snow underfoot
And I smile
Considering it will be me breaking nature’s silence

I can also see the warm soup waiting for my return
As my cold icicle fingers tremble
Trying to grab the cup

There is so much adventure ahead
On this new cold season day
But first
I need to brush my teeth
And maybe consider changing out of my slippers and PJs

Robert Lloyd
3 September 2017

021 – The Morning After Looking Glass

Eyes Red
So bright on white
And we talk
You and I

I am never doing that again
Mutters from my lips as I run my hand over my head
And you stare back at me not saying anything
Knowing better
You were always the wiser one

I am left the burden of convincing you
No really I swear
I’m done
I whisper
Nothing good ever comes from bourbon

We stare again one another in silence
Eventually smiling
and then at the same instant we laugh out loud
A laughter that is cut off by a knock

Are you ok in there
Comes a soft concerned voice
Neither of us know her name
And we look at each other guiltily

Before I turn off the light
I mumble again
One last time
I will see you later
I say as I exit the bathroom

Now assuming the role of a gentleman
Even though it is the morning after
I greet her with a smile
And chuckle just a bit
When she asked who I was talking to

Robert Lloyd
2 September 2017

005 – I Once Was an Astronaut

I wander the night streets
Blue with ghost memories
Slinking along in the shadows

I find myself often pausing
Looking toward the starry sky
A place I once imagined I would go
And I did
At least for a moment

My longing is broken by a soft breeze
And I am again alone
Realizing I was Icarus
Traveling through a world
That no longer cares for me

Robert Lloyd
17 August 2017

004 – Waiting for Her

She taunts you
Undressing before your very eyes
Her orange and red clothing
Slipping away
Falling gently to the ground

You can’t help but smile
Knowing what’s next
Anticipating that chill
The one that runs across your body
Quick and delicious

She is ready
And so are you

Let autumn come

Robert Lloyd
16 August 2017