003 – Bottles Are Thieves

The lies run through our veins
Flowing warm on a cold night
Carrying perfect deception
Giving to no one

The glass caged heaven
Pretends to be our savior
Liquid gold on our out outstretched tongues
When it’s no more than a groupie
A cherry lipped Band Aide Girl named Penny

And still
We welcome it into our homes
Our Temples
Our Bodies

We drink the sorrows away
Accepting time slipped moments
Until we fall sober
And dreading clarity

I heard her tonight
Calling my name
You heard him
Asking you for tomorrow
We always hear a betrayal
It is our imagination set free
To wander

The voices weren’t real
And as we crawl along the carpet
Worn 60’s shag
We realize what was stolen

The key
To the lock
That shelters our fears
And hopes

The fermented thief
Draws back the curtains
Taking from us the things we try to hide
And gives them to the world
Like an unwanted personal Robin Hood

Robert Lloyd
15 August 2017

002- Heavy


They stand
Shadows of who they once were
Like willows on a river bank
Leaning towards the water
Wishing for the darkness
That swallows their falling tears

Your brief glance
Traps your heart
And even though you manage to look away
Your soul has been pained
You witness
And then
You are a bit broken as well

They saw tomorrow
And forever
In their child’s eyes
Not expecting
They would shut so young
And now
They do not see past yesterday

It is not an ache you can ever feel
Or a burden you can carry
You know it is theirs
And theirs alone
But still
You feel some of the weight
And you wish somehow you could help
The smallest coffins are the heaviest

Robert Lloyd
14 August 2017

001 – Shattered Skies

My foggy eyes adjust
As the yellow of a new day
Shatters the blue sky
And the first thought
That crosses my mind
Is her

I am in a refuse to get up moment
Surrounded by cotton white
And quicksand blankets
Wishing her warmth
Were here
Pressed against me

I crave that sapphire stare
Piercing me
At the start of my Sunday
Rather than the click of toe nails
From the animals
Who seek my attention
Wanting to drag me from my
Bundled cloth haven

I feel silly
But not guilty
For the quick addiction
She has given me
Not too many breaths
Pass my lips before my mind
Turns to her
If she feels the same

If she opens her eyes
As the yellow of the new day
Shatters the blue sky
And the first thought
That crosses her mind
Is me

Robert Lloyd
August 13, 2017


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