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 The Quiet Drift of Petals (Poetry, Prose & short Stories)

This is my main creative writing blog where I put some of my favorite pieces.  It has been dormant for a while but with my renewed interest in writing this should see some new activity soon.

Barefoot On Blinn Street (Erotica)
Barefoot on Blinn St. written under the pseudonym Thomas Aiden. The intention of this blog is to capture bits and pieces of the world around me and for the larger part the world around us in an erotic and passionate way. It is meant to offer my readers a collection of poetry, prose, musings, photos and whatever else wiggles its way in there. Whenever possible I post a pieces of me and my world in hopes that you like what you find and possibly read more. Comments are always welcome and graciously accepted for any of my blogs.

Wanderlust Shutterbug (Photography)

I imagine myself as decent amateur photographer. This blog shares some of my favorite from around the world and my own backyard.  I am learning to use more of my photos for to emphasize or accentuate my writing so I do not have to be concerned with any copyright issues. Feel free to take a look and let me know what you think.

 McNeel Sawdust
(Movies, Music and DIY Projects)
“The Best Things In Life Are Old, Loved, Savored, Rescued & Sometimes Reused.”

This is my loves and labors blog.  I have a huge collection of vinyls and I love my record player.  There is nothing quite like the sound of a needle on wax.  I share my albums here.  I also am learning woodwork and a bunch of DIY things so

The Y Imperative (Sci-Fi)

This blog explores a science fiction world where only ten percent of men have survived a disease known as Hepatitis X and for those who have survived this horrible plague only one out every one hundred can still actually produce children. Men have become a commodity needed to ensure the survival of the human race.

Since the day Hepatitis X was set loose many of the world’s governments have fought and fell while tyrants and great leaders rose. Women now rule where men once faltered. In some parts of the world this not a bad thing and life continues on peacefully, but in others it only means a new kind terror and oppression will replace the old. Many of the remaining men on earth are hunted and enslaved. Those that are free are constantly on the run and hiding as they seek safe lands and sometimes their very lives.

These are the stories of how the world acts when the balance of nature is destroyed. Some are good and some bad, but no matter what they are all a part of the Y imperative.

Poetry Feeds The Soul

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