About Robert Lloyd

I am an adventurous and spirited individual who writes for the pure enjoyment of it. My imagination spills in many directions, sometimes all at once. My scribblings and blogs are my own way of keeping somewhat sane. When it comes to my writing and my creativity I suffer a sort of multiple personality disorder. I have blogs for poetry & prose, erotica, photography, short stories and science fiction.

What you see in my writing and posts are every ounce of who I am, from erotic and sensitive to cold and disheartened. My writing is who I am, fairly often blemished and imperfect.

I am a writer, a lover, a fiend and a fool. Sometimes I make sense and sometimes I don’t. To those of you who read my musings and verse I am grateful.

If you want to see any of my other blogs you can find them listed here.

Poetry Feeds The Soul

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