About Mercy Wears Lace

This writing adventure is an attempt to cover 365 days of creativity and desire (A 365 Project). It will be my imagination, want and reality all put into words.  The world around me will hopefully inspire my creativity and pen in a daily escape into a whirlwind of passion, life and heartbreak. No matter happy, sad or lustful these imaginations will be scribbled down and shared with my readers (If I am lucky to have any). They will be passed through the electric cracks of conduit and airwaves along with my own photographs and audio readings to whomever wishes to pull back the curtain and witness my world.

The title of my blog comes from a snippet of lyrics I once heard in a Jewel Song called Emily. I was obsessed with her when she first came out. To be honest I may always be. Emily can be found on her 1995 Album “Pieces of You” but only on the Japanese or New Zealand version’s bonus tracks. Told you I was obsessed. It can also be found in the soundtrack to the movie “The Crossing Gaurd“. It was a haunting song that really shows her voice and talent and I was forever hooked.

Where mercy wears lace
And bottles are thieves
Which of these took you from me?

You can find the song here if you care to listen.

Poetry Feeds The Soul

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