008 – Blue

The world has gone quiet
And somehow
I can still hear the footfall of her heels
As she walked away
Leaving me hungry

I can taste her on my lips
Five minutes after she has said goodbye
With a light kiss
And taunting smile
She made sure to wear my favorite minted shade

Hours have bled into one another
And I still see her in that dress
Thin and blue
Clinging to her curves in just the right way

She is my day dream and reality
Tickling the back of mind
When she is not there
Stealing my breath away
When she is right in front of me

She is my sophisticated weakness
And I think she knows it
A throwback silver screen vixen
With the perfect come take me smile

They say blue is sad color
But whoever they are
They have never seen her
In that dress

Robert Lloyd
21 August 2017

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